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1888 British / Boer War .303 Bandolier

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Item Number: MISC786
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Soft Pliable Cow Leather like the Originals! Finally, we were able to find a manufacturer to make this in soft rich ‘Cow’with a much more supple feel and texture akin to the original bandolier. Costs a little more than the Water Buffalo version, but addresses two of the drawbacks of the original. This one is longer and softer. Fits 50 rounds of .303 officially, but all sorts of other similar sized ammo like .30 and 7.62 Nato too. Fits well for people of Medium to 2XL build! The originals were fit for a lean poorly fed 19th century recruit! Buy 3 and wear a set up like Pancho Villa! New. Limited quantity.

**Price listed is per each belt.

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