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1903A3 Springfield Kit

Price: $149.95
Currently Available
Item Number: SPF126


Add Option 1 (new 2 groove '03A3 barrel)
Add Option 2 (new '03A3 barrel)
Add Receiver Casting
Sorry, no handguards available at this time.

1- 03A3 Upper Band Stamped
1- 03A3 Band Screw Upper Band
1- Cutoff Screw
1- 03 Front Sight Blade
1- Ejector Pin
1- Trigger Pin
1- Front Sight Base Pin
1- Sear Pin
1- Front Sight Pin
1- Cutoff Spring
1- Ejector
1- Bolt Sleeve Lock Pin
1- Bolt Sleeve Lock
1- Bolt Sleeve Lock Spring
1- Cutoff Plunger
1- Bolt Sleeve
1- 03A3 Band Lower w/Swivel
1- 03A3 Buttplate Stamped, Used
1- Cutoff Type 4
1- Cutoff Spindle
1- Extractor
1- 03A3 Follower Stamped
1- Follower Spring
1- Mainspring
1- 03A3 Ring, Handguard to Receiver
1- Striker Sleeve
1- Striker Rod
1- Safety Lock
1- Sear
1- Triggerguard Screw Front
1- Triggerguard Screw Rear
1- 03A3 Stacking Swivel & Band, exact reproduction
1- 03A3 Buttswivel Stamped
1- Sear Spring
1- 03A3 Rear Sight
1- Band Retainer Spring Stamp
1- Trigger Grooved
1- 03A3 Triggerguard Stamped
1- Buttplate Screw Small
1- Buttplate Screw Large
1- Striker
1- Bolt Late Stripped
1- Extractor Collar

BARREL OPTION 1: Add a new G.I. 2 groove 03A3 barrel add for $190.00 (#SPF080) (price valid only if purchased with kit)

BARREL OPTION 2: Add a new ‘03A3 barrels if bought with an ‘A3 kit for $120.00 (#SPF387)
(price valid only if purchased with kit) Can also be converted to an ‘03 barrel with ‘03 kit by adding ‘03 rear sight sleeve.

80% RECEIVER CASTING OPTION: If you want an unfinished receiver casting, add $24.95 (#SPF405) Not for sale in NJ

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(12 Ratings, 8 Reviews) Average Rating:
Excellent kit for a build project!
Todd (IA) 11/28/2013 10:54 AM
I purchased this kit to finish a long term 03A3 project I've been meaning to finish up. All parts in my kit were R marked for Remington produced except for the repro triggerguard and rear sight. My buttplate is the flat milled style, but obviously G.I. due to the U.S. ordnance bomb stamping on it. Rear sight is repro, but well made and blued. I've read the stacking band/swivel is repro, but well made nonetheless, and R marked. Perfect kit for my RA barrel and later WWII receiver I got from Aim Surplus last winter. The cut-off spindle is a bit rough, but most of it is hidden anyway. Cheap to replace if I decide to later on. I've read about some complaining on the web about the repro parts not being original but I don't care. None of my final rifle is going to be original anyway. Most parts are new G.I. or close to it. I'm going to mount this in the Sarco C-stock, as I don't wish to spend the $400 on a G.I. stock. This project was intended to complete a rifle from a barrel that was given to me by a family member, so that's exactly what I'm doing. Get a container, a brush, and some diesel fuel as everything is packed in heavy cosmolene. The bolt I got is new, never used! Overall, a great kit to use and very happy with my purchase. Get one now while you still can, or put away for future parts needs!
1903a3 Parts kit
Josh Hanrahan (Green Bay, WI) 11/4/2013 8:36 PM
Hi am very happy with the quality of this parts kit. my son had this bought to have built into a Springfield 03a3 match build.The rifle has a criterion barrel. With a CMP stock, this rifle is outstanding for the price. I had my best smith put the rifle together and park the parts that required it. Very pleased with overall quality, one rusted part but not a problem. Besides the poor quality of the customer service and the rest of the products, I hit this purchase on the dot and am very pleased. Overall you get more than what you pay for; more things are NOS and basically new or lightly used. Happy with my results.
Nathan Chandler (Brownfield, TX) 2/22/2013 7:01 PM
I ordered this product for a project rifle that I am working on. I have never purchased any products from this company before, but it was a very straightforward proposition. The box that the products came in was well protected. The actual parts themselves were in outstanding condition. There was no evident surface rust. Some of the products were of new manufacture. I am delighted with the purchase and I will definitely patronize this company in the future. The added hand guard is an attractive bonus!
Kenneth Moore (Clarksville , TN) 2/6/2013 10:12 PM
Can't tell you how happy I am with the parts kit I received...Everything went together perfect. All my parts are OE. except some screws and pins....But hey.It's all together and looks great..I was gonna send it off to be Parked..But I really like it looking like an old rifle..Feels really nice having a piece of history in my home and not in a museum...Thanks for the kit....
Kit Builder
Don Schmidt (Mchenry, IL) 1/2/2013 7:48 PM
Not a bad kit for the buck! Most parts are of Remington manufacture. Parts are all in really good shape. My only beef is the trigger guard is a repro. May I suggest that if a guy wants to pay extra for better parts, Take it! Enough said.
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