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1903 Springfield Rear Sight Sleeve / Collar (around barrel)

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Item Number: SPF273
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Gregory Hux (Palm Coast, FL) 1/13/2015 5:01 PM
The part I received was outstanding! It was like new and had the milled sides. A perfect fit on my 1918 Springfield 03 restoration! Thanks to all of you!
Ordered this to replace a collar with a buggered post
BAMO (USA) 3/23/2013 6:13 AM
The correct nomenclature of this part is actually "Rear Sight Collar" instead of their listing it as a "1903 Sight Base Around Barrel". The post on my old rear sight collar was really worn and buggered up. Upon advice received on a Springfield forum, I peened my old collar's mounting post a couple of times to try to tighten up its fit to the rear sight base, but this didn't help very much to keep the rear sight base from drifting out of zero. This replacement I received from SARCO was very gently used with no damage to the mounting post or the front and rear surfaces when mate to the sight base. Very pleased with the one I received. My rating of 4 stars reflects only that the part is in excellent used condition instead of being in perfect unissued condition, which I'd otherwise rate with 5 stars.
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