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1928 Thompson Lyman Adjustable Rear Sight

Price: $335.00
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Item Number: TMP047

Original, Lyman rear adjustable sights. They are so hard to come by, it's almost like they don't exist anymore. We found a small (very small) lot in the warehouse that were sleeping for years!

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Thompson Lyman Sight
Marvin Wilds (Saint Louis, MO) 6/2/2015 12:42 AM
Got this to upgrade the stock rear sight on one of the newer Kahr 1927A1 Thompson carbines. As expected, these sights have mounting holes set up for rivets, so we had to widen and countersink them to match the stock sight base. The holes were perfectly aligned. The sight assembly went right on, and we used thread locker on the screws to make sure it wouldn't come loose. (Since Kahr used thread locker at the factory, remember that a heat gun is your friend for removing the screws.) Have not shot it yet, but this sight is the perfect addition. This sight assembly had no rust, look brand new despite some age, and the bluing matches the gun MUCH better than the newer Kahr rear sight does. Plus, it definitely is of much higher quality fit and finish than the new ones. If you're considering getting one of these to replace the factory Kahr rear sights on a new semi-auto Thompson carbine, get it and don't look back. As of writing this, the price here on Sarco is the best I've found, and I doubt you'll get a better condition assembly anywhere else.
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