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37mm Russian Spade Mortar (Non-Firing)

Price: $175.00
Currently Available
Item Number: MISC458
May be the COOLEST new military product of 2016!

When is a spade not just a spade? When it’s a Mortar too! Sarco has the ‘Kamabee Keep’ rework of the coolest mortar design in the history of warfare. Innovative Russian designers took the concept of the standard ‘Entrenching Tool’ that every soldier wore on his belt, and elevated it to ‘Heavy Weapon Status’, by allowing it to dig trenches & also fire 37mm Mortar Rounds! Designed in the late 1930s and fielded against Finland in late 1939/40 in the Russo Finn War, and throughout WW2 along the Russian Front. Never been on the U.S. or World market! It can be attached to your belt using the canvas & leather carrier, be detached to operate as a small shovel, or used to lob rounds on the enemy. Transforms into a mortar in @15 seconds with practice. This is a new made replication of the original and is non-firing. Sarco Inc. carries this item exclusively and they are currently in stock. We also have the ‘late war’ style 15 round bandoleer used by troops to carry mortar ammunition including Mosin Nagant Rifle ammunition. To top it off, we have  replica 37mm Mortar inert display rounds available too ! The only place to see this item in the entire world is in a Russian military museum. Truly this is a piece of ordnance lost to history! 
The design concept was amazing and its impact could still be amazing in this day & age! Imagine a platoon of infantry Riflemen also each carrying 15 mortar shells and working as a fire and maneuver machine. Stalinist purges and a failure to develop better ammunition put this idea to sleep before its time! 


Now when you order, we’ll throw in a FREE COPY of our spade mortar article featured in the special interest publication, “Book Of The AK47” !!

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Looks great
Daniel Reinhardt (Chesterfield, VA) 6/4/2019 2:30 PM
Only problem was they used styrofoam packing peanuts as the packaging material. Other than that the item is amazing and will look great in my display.
Finally! A disply example of the spade mortar.
CC (MT) 7/21/2016 1:26 PM
First, the one problem I found - there is very minor, insignificant rust on the blade just as pictured, otherwise everything is in great shape. The support/muzzle stopper has a rubberized bottom so it fits in the barrel firmly and closes out moisture, and the spike on the opposite end works as intended. The cloth guard moves easily to reposition as needed, and the locking collar turns easily for quick folding and unfolding. This spade is exactly as the pictures show, complete with outstanding attention to detail. All welded joints are ground and finished well - and that includes fillet welds which normally get little attention from manufacturers. The four rivets holding the swivel plate on the blade have been ground for a smooth finish, as has the inside of the locking collar and other vital areas. It shows the characteristic marks from grinding here and there, but for what this is a copy of it looks wonderfully authentic. The spade itself has been beveled and sharpened, the wood stopper nicely lacquered, and the outside of the barrel painted evenly in the usual matte OD. Overall, I expected something with much less attention to detail than this has, or for it to be less well constructed, especially for the price. I found no plastic, no shortcuts in terms of using poor materials, and no fit or function issues. A great item, and the price is very reasonable!
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