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1911 .40 S&W Barrel 5" Roto

Price: $56.70
Currently Available
Item Number: C45277
Built to precise tolerance by a special hammer forging process, these barrels are the best you can buy! The hammer forging forms the barrel around a precision mandrel and holds the tolerance to .0001". This is much better than the typical broached barrels found elsewhere. Compare the Roto-4M barrels for roundness against a standard broached barrel from a well known manufacturer. All Roto-4M barrels are made in the U.S.A. Brand new extra length barrels for all Colt/1911/Government Model type automatic pistols. These barrels are made by the Special Roto-4M hammer forge process which produces the most precise and consistent barrels for the best accuracy. Minor hand fitting may be necessary for some guns.

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