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.50 Cal Spring Kit

Price: $39.95
Currently Available
Item Number: M2HB003

Quantity Discounts - Cost Per Item

3 to 99$33.32

Spring Kit - all the springs in the gun; coil and flat.

  • Barrel lock spring
  • RSG plunger spring
  • Trigger springs
  • Back plate latch spring
  • BHP spring
  • Buffer plug lock spring
  • Late top cover detent spring
  • Sear spring
  • Cover ext. spring
  • Spring belt feed pawl spring
  • Ejector spring
  • Cover latch spring
  • Belt feed lever plunger spring
  • Buffer spring
  • RSG torsion spring
  • Rear sight leaf spring
  • FP spring
  • Rear stop spring
  • Extractor switch spring
  • Safety spring inner & outer driving spring
  • Back plate latch lock springs
  • Buffer body lock
  • Bolt latch spring
  • Bolt latch plunger spring
  • Barrel support lock spring

Total value $145.00

Sounds like a lot for a bunch of springs, but it’s a discount and a cheap price to keep Ma Deuce running when all these parts are history (many of these are the expensive flat springs.)


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