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.50 Cal Survival Pack

Price: $149.95
Currently Available
Item Number: M2HB001

Here is an assortment of the key parts you need to keep your Browning .50 cal. working.

These ARE the good parts which do wear out or break, not just a bunch of parts we are trying to sell. Over the years we have seen these to be the parts most often ordered by our customers. .50 BMG Survival Pack Contents: (1 each of the following) :

Bolt Handle

Breech lock

Barrel lock spring

Buffer spring

Buffer lock spring

Trigger spring

Belt feed pawl spring

Cover ext. spring

Latch spring

Firing pin

22 - Buffer disks (new)

Back Plate latch spring

Adj. Trigger bar nut

inner and outer recoil spring

Sear spring

Cocking lever pin

RSG plunger

Bolt Latch Spring

2 - Spring belt holding pawl

Plug, filler, oiler buffer

Accelerator pin

Sear stop

2 - Front sight pins

4 - Trunnion shims

Breech lock cam bolt

Breech lock cam nut

Top cover latch A/C

Belt holding pawl pin

Top cover hinge pin

RSG studs - 2 different

Firing pin ext. spring

Chamber brush

M6 brush

Canvas pouch


Safety spring

Bolt latch plunger

Belt feed lever pin 

Trigger spacer

Belt feed pawl arm

Ejector spring

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