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Whoaaaa…. Cholly’s Done it Again!!!
1911 Series 80 single stack, single action, full size pistol frames available in either ordnance grade steel or lightweight aluminum! These are finished frames except for several features that are unfinished to comply with BATF directives classifying these as Non-Firearms in their present condition. Slide rails, hammer & sear pin holes, mainspring housing retaining pin, and ejector leg holes remain to be applied. Grip screw holes are drilled and tapped. The frames can be easily modified to Series 70 with the use of a commonly available adapter shim. The Steel frame accepts the ‘Clark©’ type 1911 barrel while the Aluminum frame accepts standard 1911 barrels. A BATF letter of ‘non-firearm’ status, accompanies each order. These are the best quality 80% frames on the market, manufactured by a major 1911 manufacturer! Act now before this small lot is gone!
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1911 Steel 80% Frame
Price: $125.00
1911 Steel 80% Frame
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