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98K Mauser two pocket pouch, used

Price: $5.00
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Item Number: MSR361

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Heck of a deal
Daren (Grand Island, NE) 2/10/2019 11:32 PM
Received a Yugo pouch in near new condition (had Cyrillic lettering inside). Gave it the saddle soap treatment and now its good to go. Can fit 4 Lee Enfield stripper clips in each pouch, probably could with 8mm on strippers too.
Great, Tough Pouches
Rybur (Saint Louis, MO) 7/26/2015 3:37 PM
The leather thickness on these reminds me of expensive pistol belts. Tough doesn't begin to describe how solid these pouches are. Mine came packed in with other items, so some of the pouches were flattened a bit. One of the pouches had a paper in the left compartment with two illegible symbols in ink that was tough to scrape off, but they all are in excellent working condition. No stitching breaks or other damage whatsoever. Mine are lighter in color and not as "refined" as the one shown in the product image. The only issue I see with these is the difficulty of fastening the covers to the bottom when using shorter rounds that don't force the bottoms flat. I'll have to experiment with some other calibers on chargers to see what all will work in these. Overall, fantastic pouches for the money.
Useful, rugged leather you can't make it for this price.
Robert Williams (Littleton, CO) 7/17/2015 2:41 PM
A great way to carry spare ammo for your stripper clip fed rifle. each pouch holds 3 clips for a total of 30 rounds. The leather is sort of bland tan (almost unfinished) but took dye easily. Buy a handful and make a bandolier that works for Star Wars or Steampunk costuming.
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