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AN/VSS-3 Search Light

Price: $1,500.00
Currently Available
Item Number: MISC373

We have no way to test this unit, but it looks  like it’s in good shape with the power cable and a control box as used on vehicles. Designed for visible and infrared lighting….. 50 million + candlepower(minimum!!!).  Whether you want to control a fence line, spot enemy aircraft or search in the infrared spectrum, this is a rare opportunity to get a real military searchlight similar to the ones used on M60 tanks, APCs, and Jeeps. This unit came out of the Israeli Army where they were famous for mounting them on Combat jeeps by making an adapter to fit in a weapon pedestal mount like the M31.  Mounting screw holes are on the bottom of the unit. The rear section has a quick access door . Size of light assy : 18.5” x 16”x16”.  Classed as a Xenon searchlight with high  intensity variable beam width, water tight container, and a host of warnings to human eyesight if you ever look into the light in visual or infrared mode.  Rarely on the market, we only have one remaining.  Sold as is and untested. Comes with original wood chest. 

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