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AR15 Osprey Carbine Length Gas Piston System

Price: $225.00
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You Save: $33.75 (15 %)
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Item Number: AR447
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Change your AR15 Carbine over to a Piston Driven system with this precision kit that includes everything needed to make the conversion including instructions. This is manufactured in the U.S. by ARK Defense and this unit is referred to as the ‘Osprey Defense Gas Piston Conversion’. The piston driven system is generally regarded as an improvement for reliability and this kit can be assembled by just about anyone!

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excellent buy, definite improvement
mike duncan (Lesterville, MO) 4/2/2018 4:47 AM
I used to shoot my Bushmaster when my old buddy, a cop, owned it, always liked it, wanted to buy it. He had the gas piston conversion installed, it cost $400 for the kit, years ago, after the upgrade I liked it more. Finally he decided to go to a Mini 14 and I bought the Bushmaster. It is far better than any rifle I carried in the army 1978 to 1998 primarily due to piston conversion. Had a small problem once, Osprey bent over backwards to rectify it. After the army I hated ARs with a passion I considered them unreliable junk. This piston conversion makes my XM15E2S as tough and reliable as an AK with the advantages of an AR-15. The bolt stays clean and cool, buy high quality magazines and ammunition, you'll never have a stoppage or malfunction. And the price is right, 56% of what my buddy paid over ten years ago. I wouldn't own an AR without this piston retrofit.
machine gun test the Osprey Piston system
David V. Thomas Sr. (Enoree, SC) 1/26/2018 10:32 PM
send me a free Osprey Carbine Length Piston System and I will install it , on video, and test it on semi, firing some bursts and if you will watch my videos you will see my favorite, the mag dump. how many rounds? well we aren't trying to burn anything so 10 mags? 15 mags? 500 rounds?
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