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AR15/M16 MMH G.I. Multiple Magazine Holder

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Item Number: AR203

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WHAT IS AN MMH? !!  Buy the best from SARCO!!

This is the Army Acronym for a MULTIPLE MAGAZINE HOLDER. The purpose is to securely hold two M16 30-round magazines in a ready position which doubles your firing capability to 60 rounds. SARCO previously produced 16,800 of these units for the U.S. Army. We have recently completed a production run of no doubt the best MMH units on the market.

These are now available for military and commercial use. The result of in house comparative testing of the SARCO MMH proved that it totally out performs other commercially available clamp type MMHs and offers many more user friendly advantages currently in combat use by military units.

From an Ergonomic consideration alone, the SARCO, Inc. MMH offers many significant advantages over all other clamp type MMHs:

  It is a single unitized component, there are no bolts, clamps or nuts to assemble or lose.



No tools are required for assembling the magazines into the SARCO MMH - commercial clamp type MMH units require tools which can be lost and must be retrieved when reinstalling or adjusting magazines.



By design, the SARCO MMH automatically provides the proper magazine offset with the right magazine lower than the left thus eliminating any potential for ejection port blockage due to improper assembly, or movement as possible with other clamp type MMHs. Other clamp type MMHs can be improperly assembled, which could prevent the gun from functioning.


Magazines can be inserted and removed from the MMH in a very short period of time (approximately 10 seconds).

The SARCO MMH, by design, provides protection to the magazine baseplate, because of its closed bottom. In house drop tests show that the bottoms of the magazines assembled in commercial clamp type MMHs were readily damaged when dropped and ammunition spilled out of the magazine.

The position of magazines relative to each other are fixed in the SARCO MMH and if dropped will not allow the right hand magazine to creep up and block your ejection port as can occur with clamp type MMHs, which can cause problems with failure to eject and potential jamming of the weapon and put your AR out of action.

The base of the MMH provides a sturdy platform, facilitating stripper clip(ammo) reloading of the magazines.

Comes complete with instruction sheet.

Clamp type MMHs are offered at a price up to $34.95

Current production is in stock and ready to ship.

Get the best when you need it now!!

Military users please call for discount.


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