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AR15/M16 Magazines 6 Orlites 30rd w/Carriers, Used

Price: $59.95
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Item Number: AR127
Orlite magazines were developed for the Israeli Armed Forces. The bodies are made from high-melt-temp black nylon with a steel reinforement mesh imbedded in the top 1.5 inches to strengthen the feed lips. The mags have a rib around the middle which helps to seal the bottom of the mag well and also prevents the magazine from being over-inserted and the feed lips damaged. Orlites are quite reliable, and were general issue in the Israeli Army through the 80s. 

Please note that these magazines are used and can have dirt, tape and other material stuck to them but will clean up fine. We just dont have the time to clean them.

***PLEASE NOTE: This item is restricted in certain states and/or localities. Any order with a billing or shipping address to a state or locality with restrictions on this item will have the item removed automatically. Please check our list of states with restrictions by clicking HERE.

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