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Argentine Mauser 91 Barrel

Price: $95.00
Out Of Stock - Some Items Can Be Backordered. Call To Find Out If This Is One.
Item Number: MSR025

Argentine  Mauser ‘Like New’ Barrels !!!

The 1970s revisited !!! Sarco purchased a 40’ trailer load of Argentine Mauser parts from Interarms.  These barrels are from a ‘missed’ crate that has been stored away for over 40 years. We would call these brand new, but perhaps,  ‘like new’ is more appropriate. These are 1891 Argentine barrels in the ‘white’, 7.65mm,  and have the standard length of 29”.  Get ‘em while you can ….. they probably won’t show up again

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needed work to install
Robert Deitrich (Vinton, VA) 8/13/2018 6:45 PM
My gun smith informed me that the threads were cut too far up the barrel and he had to spend much more time trimming things to fit than anticipated. And of course this cost extra. I'll shoot it soon. Hopefully it will be the accurate barrel I hoped it would be
Good deal at a great price.
Travis Goltry (Guthrie, OK) 2/18/2018 12:23 PM
I ordered two of these barrels not really knowing what to expect.They are indeed new.Bores on both are perfect as they still had grease in them.The outside had minor rust freckles that polished off.Both barrels slugged at .301 bore and .311 groove.Fireformed cases showed that the shoulder set forward .004 so headspace out of the box was perfect.I hope to get a couple more of these to set aside for future restoration projects.
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