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Baldock Spear Knife

Price: $69.95
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Item Number: BAY296

Want a Fighting Knife, Utility knife, or Spear ?

                ( Baldock Spear Knife Might be the Right Choice )

Inspired from the 1880s British officer, Col. Baldock who developed the ‘Baldock Hunting Knife’, this knife has evolved somewhat to serve as fighting knife, camping / hunting knife with multiple saw teeth, to a spear head that you can put onto a shaft at a moments notice and lock it down to be a formidable spear. Knurled handle assures a positive grip and part of it adjusts to allow  for a shaft to be inserted up to 1” in diameter and to a depth of @3.5”. Also comes with screw on hilt spikes for hand to hand fighting and heavy duty leather scabbard. Blade @9.5” long, overall length @14-3/8” long.  Sold elsewhere for @$124. 

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