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Bren MK1 LMG Parts Set

Price: $649.95
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Item Number: BREN019


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Evolution of the Bren stemmed from initial designs at the Brno factory in Czechoslovakia. After licensing, patent changes, and political inclinations, the British Commission brought the design to Enfield where production commenced in 1937. From then on , it is a story of Hell, Death, and Destruction…. As one of the finest machine guns put to use on modern battlefields. Bren MK1 LMGs were the most expensive to make and perhaps the best looking with all of it’s intricacies . Timing of production was excellent as in less than 2 years, the ‘Tommy’ and Commonwealth soldiers would be carrying it into battle at Dunkirk, El Alamein, Borneo, D-Day and untold of altercations and sorties as the Axis powers were rolled up. Ultimately, it served with well over 30 countries and can still be found in remote regions. Our Bren Mk1 kit comes with all parts shown including a very good MK1 barrel, five - .303 magazines, and the original receiver cut in 4 pcs per the BATF requirement.

No sales to Washington state.

PLEASE NOTE: These kits normally come with 30rnd magazines. If you live in a state or municipality with laws against magazines of this capacity, please select the "Remove Magazine" option on the drop down menu.  Kits WITHOUT magazines have a $5 discount. If you are not sure if there are restrictions in your state, please check your local laws. We check before shipping out Hi-Cap magazines. Giving false information will only delay your order or cause it to be canceled without notice.


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