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Bergmann Bayard WW1 Brown Holster w/ Fastening Studs

Price: $49.95
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Item Number: HOL168

Bergmann Bayard 1910 /22 Shoulder Holster

As rare as ‘hens teeth’, we are fortunate to have a limited run of two of the style holsters used during the First World War by occupying German forces in Belgium/France, and the later model used by the Danish military. This holster is the brown style with the fastening studs, and is about as rugged as you will find, with a clam shell type flap, brass end boot, shoulder strap and belt loops, and brass hardware. Under the flap are 3 magazine/ammo pouches. This holster works well with a number of pistols like Naval Lugers, Webley revolvers, etc.  Really well made and Sarco is the only place you will find one newly manufactured.  Originals fetch upwards of $800!

We also a few Black Bergmann Bayard Danish  Holster w/ Buckle - see part # HOL168-BLK

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