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Buffalo Scope without Eyepiece

Price: $50.00
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Item Number: SCP065

1860 ‘Buffalo Gun’ Musket/Rifle Scopes

From the good ole days, we have uncovered a handful of scopes made in the 1960s by Tasco who sold them under their name and under the Navy Arms brand. This is the scope that was traditionally used on Buffalo hunter Winchester and Sharps guns in the 1800s as well as sniper rifles during the Civil War & Indian Wars. These reproduction scopes are about 32.5 inches long, brass construction, with 4x15 objective lens optics as originally designed. Unfortunately, these scopes are incomplete or have optical problems as the internal stadia lines have deteriorated. These are missing the eyepiece and cap cover, but do have a lens. They will make excellent display gun scopes for Civil War static displays or ‘wall hangers’. The brass scope body will polish up beautifully! Very limited!

We also have a few units that have their screw on eyepiece intact and no protective front cap cover, item # SCP064

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