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Colt 1903 Holster (Hammerless)

Price: $35.00
Currently Available
Item Number: HOL065
A favorite of U.S. Generals in WWII because of it’s low profile, semi auto firepower, and dependability, the pistol was a true success and much sought after by shooters and collectors. The notorious gangster, Al Capone, carried it as his backup and Bonnie used one when she helped Clyde escape the slammer! Original holsters are very difficult to obtain and quite expensive, sometimes rivaling the pistol prices. We have had the holster manufactured in the original WWII color and include the cleaning rod secured in it’s own pocket. Belt loop on back. The best looking and complete Hammerless holster on the market!

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nice rig
markgasmo (Lancaster, NY) 7/17/2017 12:57 AM
good quality repro. holster seems to fit a little large, but i hear thats the way the originals were. cleaning rod head a bit too fat for 32acp. should fit 380 just fine.
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