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Ballester Molina 1911A1 Argentine - Very worn markings

Price: $299.00 - Call To Check Availabilty & Order (610) 250-3960
Item Number: GUN513
Ballester Molina 1911A1 Argentine - Very worn markings

As an improvement to the 1911 A1 pattern Argentina produced the Ballester Molina. Changes were made in the hammer strut, firing pin stop, safety lock,
mainspring housing & trigger. Designed and built by the Argentine Co. Hispano Argentina Fabricade Automobiles (HAFDASA). These were marketed as an
affordable alternative to the Colt 1927 Systema. These havent been available for many, many years.
An interesting variation for your .45 1911 collection or as an affordable shooter
Grips replaced with new or excellent proper Ballester Molina grips
Magazines are replaced with new magazines for functionality
For safety sake, we have replaced all recoil springs and firing pin springs
Guns are available in original condition - Original condition has little or no blue left.

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my pistol........
david ruhstaller (mt orab, OH) 4/7/2014 9:25 PM
ive had mine a few months now. when it came i was expecting worn markings..... not pitting. luckily none of the pitting was too bad. i gave it a flat surface grind to get rid of all the pitting and along with it, its markings. im not worried about the markings though. i intend to electrolytic engrave a design in the blank sides of the slide. got rid of the mag that came with it. had its pins coming out and it was generally wore out. now i run it with newer 8rd mags. i had to replace the barrel. the chamber was shot out when i got it. couldn't get a consistent shot group from it. and i had swelling in the cases from day one. an easy fix and a cheap one for me. didnt care for the grips and their vertical grooves so i filed those down smooth too. so far ive ran close to 400rds through it. about 20 through the old barrel. fmj,jfp, jhp, frangible, brass and steel case too. it runs them all like a champ. i have this as an everyday carry pistol. overall, i like it. it serves me well now that ive got it sorted out. ive put it through its paces so far it hasnt given me any issues.
Just as described
george (Easley, SC) 3/8/2014 1:26 PM
After big time cleaning I took it to the range. Amazed at the accuracy and how smooth it ran. Put several different bullet types through it without any problems. I like the "distressed, aged finish". Have purchased several firearms from Sarco over the years. Always a good deal. Don't know where or how they get stuff like this but I'm glad they do.
These are good weapons
David Hicks (Red Oak, VA) 8/29/2013 10:09 AM
I used to own one of these, now some dirty Cop in Maggie Valley has it. I was very happy to find another for sale, had to have it!
great shooter
steven johnson (Dunlap, TN) 6/16/2013 11:26 PM
This gun is old dirty with no finish. because thats what SARCO described it as and that is the condition i chose. The gun i picked up will cycle all ball ammo and hornady 185grn HP great shooting gun with some always cool history behind it. Thanks SARCO for good gun at a good price!
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