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FOBUS CU9 For: Armalite, Beretta and Others

Price: $21.00
Currently Available
Item Number: FOBUS068
Fits: Armalite AR24 9mm, Beretta Cheetah, Vertec, 90-2,92,93 9mm and .40, Bersa minifirestorm, thunder UC 9mm and .40, Browning High Power, Pro 9mm, CZ 75,75B, 75BD, 75 SP-01, 85, 75D,2075 Rami, P-01, 40P, CZ-P06, 9mm and .40, FN Forty-nine 9mm, Firestorm compact 9mm, .40, Kel-Tec P11 9mm and .40, Ruger P85,P89,P94,P95,P944 9mm .40, S&w 99,sw9,5904,5906,6906, enhanced sigma series V,VE,E,G 9mm .40, Sig Sauer 226,228,229, Springfield XD,XDM,HS2000, 9mm .357 .40, Steyer Model S .357,9mm, .40, Walther P99 9mm, Witness Seriers P,PS,PC,P comp 9mm and .40 Taurus 89,92,99, PT100,PT101,PT111, PT140, PT609,PT940, 24/7 Oss,DS -- Style: Paddle

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