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Dumoulin Mauser Action

Price: $395.00 - Call To Order (610) 250-3960
Currently Available
Item Number: GUN567


Building your own Sniper, Target, or Varmint rifle has never been so enticing! SARCO worked for over a year to bring you this colossal opportunity to own a brand new, complete Dumoulin Mauser action at the best price on the world market!!!!! Lets get to the objective specs, on what this means for you:
  • RECEIVER: This is an A-2 steel, forged / heat treated body which has been checked and gauged after each machining operation ensuring precision with strict tolerances and ultimately, superb mating with attached parts and adherence to Engineer drawings. 
  • BOLT: A-2 Steel, one piece bolt ,handle & knob with checkered flat on underside. The extractor is the traditional proven, claw type extractor. Bolt Head diameter is set for the .30-06 family of cartridges. (A2 Chromium/molybdenum/vanadium is tool steel).
  • RECEIVER SPECIAL FEATURES: Flats with threaded holes and dovetails, permit the use of a variety of rings and bases. This feature eliminates the need for screwed on bases. Each flat is predrilled and threaded for standard 6-48 screws in 2 places. Flat tops are parallel and at the same level. These Actions have been engineered from original FN Belgian blue prints.
  • TRIGGER MECHANISM: The trigger is fully adjustable for sear engagement, over travel, and creep. The trigger body is made of steel. 
  • TRIGGER GUARD: This trigger guard is fully machined from a steel forging and has a hinged FN/ Ruger style floorplate and latch. Believe it or not, I priced a similar trigger guard at the Shotshow from a German supplier and they wanted $800 for the guard. The Action capacity is 5 rds. of .30-06 length ammo.
  • FINISH: These Actions and Guards are blued. Some have bright bolts.
  • RECEIVER THREADS: Threads are standard 1.10 x 12 TPI.
  • BOLT-SPECIAL FEATURES: Strength of the forged bolt exceeds that of bolts in normal production. The specially designed bolt sleeve is an FN type and incorporates a Winchester style side swing 3 position blocking safety. This type of safety allows the use of a single or double set trigger in complete safety and preventing a discharge. Currently a similar bolt sleeve sells for $150.00 separately.

WHY PURCHASE THIS ACTION? To our knowledge, no one in the world presently makes a fully machined 98 Mauser action. Cost would be prohibitive! Just the value of the bolt assembly & trigger guard equate to more than the cost of the action. This may be your last chance to buy a fully milled 98 Mauser Action! *We know of no fully milled actions being produced in the world. These were produced many years ago and we bought the entire lot for posterity. These are the same actions Dumoulin uses to build their $10,000. rifles! 

WHAT DO THE PROS SAY? - We gave some of these actions to one of the best barrel manufacturers in the U.S., a Custom Rifle Mfg., and an exceptionally talented gunsmith who prepares gunsmithing school courses, to see what they thought. They praised these actions and commented that, according to normal gunsmithing practices, the following should be observed where building a rifle:
1. Lap the bolt lugs & receiver locking recesses for full contact and improved accuracy.
2. Face off and true the front of the receiver.
3. Shape the feed ramp.
4. Checking the bolt face to make sure it is square & true.
5. Like any other high end firearm, these actions require your final hand fitting and tuning. These are not operations that a machine can do and are best left to the assembler.

NOTE: The hardness of the receiver & bolt were checked and are at RC47/48. (Optimal!)

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For any inquires on where to get scope rings, please contact:

Andy Huebschmann, President

Sunny Hill Enterprises, Inc.  

(920) 898-4707


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(30 Ratings, 5 Reviews) Average Rating:
Great value!
Michael Willis (Everett, WA) 12/6/2015 4:54 PM
Taking your advice I turned the action over to a custom rifle smith. There wasn't much to do, just a bit of lapping of the lugs and truing up the receiver face. The bolt face was fine. He was very impressed and very surprised at the price.
action quality etc.
Garner Faulkner (Somerset, PA) 3/25/2015 5:24 PM
I received one of these actions & had time to check it out. I have used 98 & 98FN actions along with REM., WIN., etc. for 50 years and am truly impressed with the quality & features of this action. I would say this,(If you want & can afford a match grade action/rifle,than buy a match grade action/rifle). Otherwise this action with a quality barrel, stock, etc will make a fine rifle at a reasonable cost & do practically everything else from varmint up. (I say practically because of Murphy's law)!The question & problem of scope mounts is mentioned. There is a good, viable, very reasonable solution to this. There is also an issue on the bolt that I found Which I believe is built in and not isolated to my action. This would be dealt with readily when the cartridge (magnum or standard) is selected. I have discussed the scope mounts, action & bolt with a manager at Sarco (who was very helpful & courteous) & passed on the info. & explanations to him. As I told him, I have no idea why the other people who gave review's didn't give a 5 star rating to such a fine action. If a person is seriously interested in these action contact SARCO and I am sure they will provide any info. you need on mounts, bolt, etc.
Correction - these are 6-48 threaded holes
Stefan (Indiana) 9/18/2014 1:54 PM
Correction to my previous review. The screw holes for the scope bases are indeed 6-48.
Scope mounts difficult
Stefan (Indiana) 9/17/2014 9:26 AM
Great action, tight fitting. I love the 3-position safety. Great overall machining. Tried bolt in a VZ-24 and worked like a charm. The edges at the bolt shroud are a bit sharp. However, be careful with the dovetail scope mounts. They are different widths front to back. 16.5mm front, 14.3mm back (measured on top of dovetail). They are parallel (not like Sako). Tapped holes seem to be metric and not 6-48. Scope rings are very hard to find for the dovetail bases. EAW has them but cost is around $400 for a pair!!! EAW part number for 30mm rings/mounts is 300-05165 (1" ring 300-00165). They are sold by APEL in Germany. I think New England Custom Gun is their distributer in the US.
Thread pitch
Tom Nikitas (Beaufort, SC) 8/19/2014 8:50 AM
If a fresh mfr and not metric, why the coarse thread pitch (12)? Finer threads are stronger - most US mfrs are 16 tpi or more. What are the tolerances of the bolt/bolt raceway? This action has the right pedigree and I like the Rc of high 40s. Tough but not brittle.
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