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Everything From Classical To Modern Bayonets

Is there a more iconic military weapon in all of history than bayonets? At Sarco, Inc., we are crazy about edged weapons and cannot wait to show you all the styles, scabbards, and accessories we have available in our Easton, PA store.

We've got bayonets for pistols and rifles, ranging from American models and Japanese varieties to everywhere in between. Many come with a scabbard included, but you can always purchase them separately if need be.

No other gun retailer can beat our prices. You can walk out our door with a newly affixed bayonet for less than $4 on some firearms. Offering edged weapons at affordable prices does not mean we sacrifice quality. Our stock includes authentic World War II Wilde Prop Forge pieces as well as newer models. You really can find the part you need for the price you want at Sarco, Inc.

Best of all, our showroom has nearly 100 makes and models available for you to see. You will know exactly how your firearm will look brandishing a blade so you can buy with confidence.

If you are looking for the largest selection of bayonets and accessories in Pennsylvania, you are looking for Sarco, Inc. in Easton, PA. With a huge inventory and multiple makes and models, we will help outfit your firearm with the perfect edge. Come see everything we have to offer in our showroom today!

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WWII OSS V-42 Stiletto Knife
Price: $39.95
WWII OSS V-42 Stiletto Knife
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