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Extra Long M1 Garand / M14 / Bazooka Sling

Price: $9.95
Currently Available
Item Number: SLNG120
Essentially the same as the standard canvas Garand sling, but with the added benefit of length so it can be utilized on many weapons and can be positioned around the arm for marksmanship steadiness similar to the 1907 leather sling. Extends out to about 52 inches. Canvas, olive drab.

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Like the extra long sling.
TMB ( CA) 6/30/2019 5:46 PM
This is a pretty thick sling compared some of my others. Had to smash brass tab on end a little thinner to make it easier to thread through buckles. I like it, the extra length make it perfect sling for an AR. I removed clip from sling and put a Talon sling swivel in its place and replaced sling swivel with sling swivel stud on AR. Rated 4 stars would be 5 if metal buckles were parkerized instead of black paint.
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