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Finnish Mosin Nagant 28/30 Handguard

Price: $14.95
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Item Number: N91041

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Good quality replacement
John S (PA) 4/16/2014 6:27 PM
I ordered two of these to replace split guards, they are "blanks" that will need final fitting. Not a big job but do not expect these to be drop in. I had to trim the front about 1/8" and thin it out substantially with a dremmel sanding drum and a small needle file. The rear band area needed some work as well and for this area I used a miniature hacksaw and small wood chisel that you would use for checkering. My only complaint if you can call it that is that they already had some sort of stain/finish on them and after fitting one that was made from beech, it was obvious that the wood had been altered. I used about 3 applications of ZAR Dark Mahogany stain to get rid of the yellowish color of the worked areas. All in all a good option considering the price of a solid original if you can even find one, and even at that an original from another firearm may not fit either.
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