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MLE-49 French Indochina & Algeria Bush Hat

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Item Number: MISC431


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Mle-49 ‘Le Chapeau de Brousse’ Famous and very hard to find, French ‘bush hat’ as used by the French Foreign Legion during their conflicts in Vietnam and Algerian  theaters of operation. We have a small number of new manufactured Mle-49 hats in the almost impossible to find size of U.S. size 7-1/2" (Large)!!! We also have some in 7-1/4". There are faithfully made in a heavy khaki cotton with traditional batting in the brim ( not cardboard !). 
2 grommets on each side with brim snap on one side. 

Because of the difficulty and labor intensive sewing pattern that encompassed the entire hat to make it durable to the standards of the Legion, we had to work with a number of manufacturers before we found one who could get it right! You’ll love this hat on the farm, camping, travelling etc! We like it because it is truly a bush hat that looks ‘hard core adventurer’, and not commercial traveler. The type you’d wear all year round in Panama or Alaska!

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Perfect for my purposes
Peter Margolis (Elkins Park, PA) 5/28/2017 4:13 PM
I bought this hat for a trip to Israel where the hat would be crushed in my carry-on bag for a 12-hour flight. I figured a military grade hat would be best for this. It held its shape, kept the sum off of me, and even worked to identify me at a bus station to someone I had never met.
Great hat!
kevin DesRujisseau (Deland, FL) 5/17/2017 12:21 AM
This hat, snap broke day 1. So I always leave it up. I starched the hat and ironed it otherwise it was totally floppy. Besides snap the hat is well made. Just in Florida it seems to generate alot of heaT. Blocks out sun well from eyes. I figure with the design you can swap it around depending which side the sun is on. So you can simply rotate it 180 degrees. So I guess the broken snap is OK, since it stays snapped all the time. Thanks Sarco! I plan on visiting your showroom in summer, see y'all then!
DOUGLAS SMITH (Canyon Lake, TX) 3/7/2017 5:00 PM
Have been looking for one of these bush hats for years. Very well sewn and looks great. Highly recommend!
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