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French Foreign Legion "Sahara" Kepi

Price: $49.95
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Item Number: MISC285
The Legion has fired our imaginations for over a hundred years with tales of adventure, defiance, and fighting against all odds like at Boudenib, Morocco where 40 Legionnaires held off over 400 in what perhaps became the “Rorkes Drift” of the Legions valiant history. The trademark hat of the Legion was, and still is the Kepi, made from wool and leather. Our Kepi is the NCO type with blue wool cover with red top and blue piping. An embroidered green bursting bomb is sewn into the front. Finished with brass chinstrap buttons and leather visor and chinstrap. We have included the DESERT COVER, which fits over the top, and the “Saharan” neck protector. Well-made. Now available in 7-1/4", 7-3/8", 7-1/2", 7-3/4", 7-5/8" U.S. Sizes. Please note what size(s) you want in the customer remarks sections.

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