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German Navy Luger Stock Rig Kit

Price: $94.50
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Item Number: LGR174
Mid to late WW1 thru WW2 Naval Lugers generally were issued with a black leather holster rig with the Naval wood stock. We have a small number of these rigs in kit form. You get the double mag pouch, strap , studs, holster with cleaning rod, wood stock with inset metal disc, and attaching iron with screws. Some fitting of the attaching iron to the wood stock is involved to match up screw holes in particular, and may require slight sanding for the perfect fit. Please note, once you start sanding or modifying the included connecting parts, this unit is not returnable. With that said, this is a great set to work with. We sold out of these long ago and have not had these in ages!  (Pistol not included).

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needs some hand tools to fit
The kit looks great as far as quality and craftsmanship. A big however when it comes to putting it together. First problem is in the flap...there isn't enough leather to close with the Luger inside. With the gun in place the flap pulls rearward and the latch is about 3 inches off. I had to wet the flap and stretch the flap to fit. I still have to do it again with a filler on top of the gun to allow some fitting room. Second, the stock ironis a pain to clean out so it will go on the gun's stock lug. ou will nee a Dremel polishing tip, a set of tool makers files,and some 600 grit lapping compound. Third, the holes in the stock do not line up with the stock iron. Iam still working on that problem. Fourth, the stock iron screws were put in and then the surface ground sown, which looks good until you take the screws out and try to get them back in. you have to file a slight radiou on the end of the screw to get it started. Hint! do not file toward the screw, but rather file from the head forward, otherwise you collapse the threads inward. I was raised in a machine shop and have all the tools needed. If you don't...find someone else to fit it for you. To get a better rating, the stock iron should be installed at the factory. There should be some instructions on how to fasten the stock and holster together with the leather strap.
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