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Indochina War Era 60mm Mortar Vest

Price: $59.95
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Item Number: MISC610
Original front & back canvas vest set from the era when France tried to hold the Viet Minh and Algerian FLN at bay. These vest appear to be in excellent, almost unissued condition. Multiple pockets adorn this vest and there is room for some unfortunate soldier to carry 8 rounds of 60mm Mortar ammunition. Could be used to carry extra machine gun magazines too like 24+ Bren .308 magazines, or 8 magnum ‘Foster’s Lager’ beers! Vest only.

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Pouch For 1937 Lance Grenade Launcher, 50mm, French
Keith Gilbert (Seattle, WA) 2/7/2017 2:45 AM
You are mistaken about your description, this pouch system was designed and issued in Viet Nam to VC troops for the 1937 Lance Grenade Launcher and rounds. I know, I brought one back from over there with several chemical fused shells…the design is to make the whole thing convenient for use by a bicycle rider/soldier. Probably much rarer than you realize…I no longer have the little mortar but it was very clever…two man crew. You can Google for pictures of the 'grenade launcher/knee mortar' but I didn't find any of the chemical fused shells…they worked good but were dangerous because a true safety wasn't possible.
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