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Interarms Mini Mark X Stock, new from the box

Price: $79.50
Currently Available
Item Number: MSR506

Finally dug out after 10 years!

Remember the Interarms Mini Mark X (the baby ’98 Mauser)? We found about 200 stocks from when we bought out the end of Interarms. Comes with grip cap & buttplate.
New stock from the box (could possibly have a storage blem). Stocks have checkered pistol grip & forend

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Exactly as advertized
Anthony Rust (Rice Lake, WI) 5/26/2015 5:00 PM
The stock was very close on the fit. I shaved a little around the magazine and receiver. I relieved the lug area and glass bedded the action. It produced a very accurate little .223 with little time and effort.
Exactly as advertized
Anthony Rust (Rice Lake, WI) 5/26/2015 4:55 PM
The stock was blemish free and fit the action well. I had to add a little relief around the magazine and rear of the reciever. I floated the barrle and glass bedded the action. I added a barrel/action that was purchased in 1990 and it is a great shooting machine. THe stock was fairly onlg on the trigger pull, 14.5 inches if I recall correctly so I cut it down and sanded the butt plate to match the stock. This stock is a great value and took little to make an accurate shooting weapon.
mini mauser stock
Michelle Weader (McClure, PA) 7/16/2014 7:48 PM
Absolutely beuatiful european walnut
Mini Mark 10 Stock
John Caramore (CHARLESTOWN, NH) 1/16/2014 12:43 PM
Excellent fit with no modifications.
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