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M16 Series Crowd Control Rifle

Price: $100.00
Out Of Stock - Some Items Can Be Backordered. Call To Find Out If This Is One.
Item Number: MISC330
Original Israeli Army ‘paintball’ guns, manufactured in the U.S. and made to provide both a training and close quarter combat platform where marking suspects  or applying less than lethal force trauma was required. Through the use of regular or special harder paint balls loaded with metal powder, capsaicin, or a host of other painful, but survivable projectiles, these type of  guns were used by Israeli Commandos in many high profile operations . Well remembered for use on the Turkish ship running the Gaza blockade and other more successful operations.  Sarco obtained a very small number of these ‘paintball guns’ from the military as they were replaced by a newer model. We are selling these guns ‘as is’, and while they appear to be in reasonably good condition on the outside, we have not tested them.   They have blemishes from use and the Israeli Army removed the rear sight aperture as it was easier to use the upper  receiver  handle  rail channel to line up the front sight for close quarters crowd control . The  paintball  hopper is missing and there is no air tank. Works  with  17 & 18mm paint balls.  Sold as is. Very limited.

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This thing is interesting.
Steve Alford (Highlands, NC) 3/25/2016 10:07 PM
Mine is made by Gun F\X. They specialize in non lethal training. It is used for training and is almost exactly like an M16. The butt stock, hand guards, and pistol grip are all somewhat stock parts. The front sight is as well off of some huge rifle as the holes in it are about three quarters of an inch. Now they use the front sight to hold on the hand guards. There is no rear sight and the front one is canted off to the right. I would say that they mostly used the channel of the carrying handle for a sight. Overall the thing is beat up but mostly complete. I had one missing screw. It has about five different hex screws on it. Now for some odd reason not everything is aluminum although most of it is. Two items were difficult. Both the front sight and the locking ring on the buffer tube are steel and when you combine the two you can get some difficult corrosion. I used penetrating oil and a rubber hammer to gently get things moving. The device has been used and used hard as there are a lot of scratches on the finish but I am going to refinish it anyway. The seals were bad of course. I think maybe my solvent ate them. The gas piston is made by Marker. They probably sell the seals. I am not yet sure if it is CO2 or compressed air powered. Now there are two thinks that I laugh about. For one it has a flash hider on it and the other thing is that the bolt and safety is ambidextrous. The barrel does have scratches inside it but then they were shooting paintballs in the sand box. It stands to reason. Overall I am impressed with the gun as it is quite sturdy and well made abet beat up some. It has been used. I would buy another one.
Repair info
William Jenkins (Oak Ridge, MO) 4/22/2015 6:37 PM
The model name on these is CAR-68. They're based off of the VM-68 marker. Parts can be bought here: Disassembly and repair info are here:
Research needed
dan monroe (North Little Rock, AR) 4/20/2015 4:50 PM
Coming up short on finding some sort of manual or parts list. Neat gun though and very unique. Still looking, and if serviceable and can back order I'm getting at least 4 more.
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