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Italian M91 Fighting Knife WWII

Price: $26.95
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Item Number: BAY255
Say what you will about the Italian Army in WW2…. But one thing is true, and that is the quality of their fighting instruments like the M91 knife were among the finest battle weapons. Our late production knife with scabbard is a terrific combat knife sporting an 8 inch steel blade, hardwood handle and scabbard with locking belt keeper. It has very good balance compared to most fighting knives that are usually way too heavy on the grip end. U.S. GIs loved to use them for knife throwing. Originals will cost you $400-800

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A decent fighting knife for the money
Ace (Exeter, PA) 10/12/2018 8:35 AM
The Knife: A close copy of an Italian M91 Fighting knife. What screams 'repro' are the wrong type rivets in the handle. On the plus side, a good solid well made knife with a non stainless steel blade, as originals were. Some scratches and tool marks on the blade, but they can be buffed or sanded out. Blade is not sharpened. Will hold an edge, but guessing for how long. Scabbard: Not so nice. Fits knife, but throat a little off center. Tool marks and a ugly finish. Can be sanded and painted like originals were. But, then again, just a scabbard. Impression: Well worth the price SARCO is asking. I have seen this same repro on the web for twice the asking price. This is a bargain, as far as repros go. And if you are wondering, a small 'India" scratched into the base of the blade.(seems like they all come from India these days) Easily removed, if you wish, with a little elbow grease.
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