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Luger Loading / Disassembly Tools

An essential item for owning a Luger, this tool has basically 3 main functions . Assisting in loading the magazine especially as a fulcrum for pulling down the pesky ʻfollowerʼ button, unscrewing the grips, and in releasing and unreleasing the breechblock firing pin retainer unit. We offer 5 Luger tools:

We have 4 original Finnish Luger tools:
A. Luger Tool marked #1 LGR162
B. Luger Tool marked #2 LGR163
C. Luger Tool marked ʻSKYʼ LGR164
D. Luger Tool marked with SA LGR165

E. We have a reproduction on the German Luger tool with a production code. LGR166
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