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M1 Carbine Bolt, Complete

Price: $89.95
Out Of Stock - Some Items Can Be Backordered. Call To Find Out If This Is One.
Item Number: CRB072
New flat (WWII style) M1 forged Carbine bolt.

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New production Carbine bolt - great value
Dennis Callahan (Georgia, USA) 2/26/2013 10:44 AM
Bought one of these bolts (stripped) and fired about three hundred rounds with it after installing NOS bolt parts. The bolt worked great. Only feeding failure was related to a bad magazine. I couldn't find any wear on the back of the bolt, so it seemed to be properly hardened, but obviously 300 rounds isn't much of an endurance test. I have since sold that carbine so I can't report on long term wear. I am going to get another one of these bolts for my remaining carbine and save the GI bolt I have for a spare. The only thing I could see to be improved would be if info were provided about how these bolts are hardened and to what spec.
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