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M1 Carbine Front Sight Installation Tool

Price: $22.95
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Item Number: CRB174

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How the Tool Performed.
James Deen (Los Angeles, CA) 9/24/2014 4:37 PM
The fit, while it holds the sight, is impeccable. If while ramming the sight through, alignment is off at the sight key, it is very easy, with minute twists, to realign the sight. After using numerous types of hammers to get the correct alignment with the pin, I found a heavier ball peen hammer worked best, with one sharp medium blow. I should have bought also the front sight removal tool before I started the project, it would have made its removal much more easier. Also, though with a punch, the hold pin can be installed too, another tool for its removal & re-installation would be nicer. I recommend the product(s) so as not to damage the sight upon its removal and installation.
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