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M1 Garand Rear Sight National Match

Price: $89.95
Currently Available
Item Number: GRD095
Set of N.M. style rear sights components: NM/2A base, NM windage knob, spring/cover and the NM hooded aperture assy. (Elevating Pinion Assembly not included as its the same as your regular one). Please specify .595 or .520

PLEASE NOTE: This sight is shipped in unassembled form so you can fit the parts to your rifle for maximum accuracy. The aperture "ramp" must be carefully fitted to slide into the base with minimal wobble or play in any direction. With a very fine file and emery cloth, carefully work on the outside edges of the aperture ramp until it will enter the slots in the base. Do not remove anymore material then necessary.

When assembled properly. the aperture ramp should fit snuggly in the base with no wobble in any direction.

.520 is not currently available, only .595 are currently in stock.

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