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M98 Mauser Extractor

Price: $19.95
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Item Number: MSR138

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Best Price Anywhere
BRANDON HAYLEY (Rochester, TX) 3/17/2016 12:11 PM
I picked up a Turkish M38 Mauser that I found out had a chipped extractor. No big deal...oh wait, except it kinda was. Some sites want upwards of $40 for this little bit of spring steel. The heck? Well, according to my own research, Sarco is by far the cheapest source for these, and from my fellow reviewers, I learned these are off of Brazilian contract Mausers. Fine with me, as long as it works, and it does! It arrived with a deep blue, almost black finish, which I suspect Sarco did, and it took almost no fitting whatsoever to mate it to my rifle. Extraction is now very strong and aggressive, to the point I lost one of my dummy rounds! If you've got a Turkish M38 pattern Mauser, these extractors fit perfectly!
m98 mauser extractor
gary bennett (South Berwick, ME) 5/19/2014 2:23 PM
Great price and in new condition,the best one I found.Sarco has a new coustermer
Ordered two
Alvin Nielsen (Sheridan, WY) 5/1/2014 6:14 PM
The extractors I ordered appeared to be new and unused. Also ordered the collar to go with them and they were new and unused as well. Great buy for both.
Great buy!
Kenneth Lan (University Park, MD) 3/13/2012 5:46 PM
This was the cheapest one I could find on the internet. Others were charging like $30 for an extractor. I was told that these were originally meant for the Brazilian 1908 Mausers. They are new, old stock still covered in grease. It appears brownish in the picture, but mine was silver colored. It did fit great in my Vz.24 (made on German tooling with German gauges), though I had to slightly shape the claw, which is expected with an unused part. It's better to have to remove material than to put it on.
M98 Mauser Extractor
D.C.R. (California) 6/13/2011 11:52 PM
Mine was new, a bright silver color with a small metal stamp of an "Anchor" on the outer surface on the end opposite the claw. Works really well, took cold blueing well. Nice part.
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