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Madson 1950 Kit without buttstock assembly

Price: $245.00
Out Of Stock - Some Items Can Be Backordered. Call To Find Out If This Is One.
Item Number: MAD195002

KIT  ‘B’ – Madsen 1950  Kit without buttstock assembly

Used throughout Europe, Asia, South America , and Africa, the Madsen Model 1950 has been in the forefront of combat operations around the world and can still be seen being used by some Police and Paramilitary organizations.

We are almost sold out of these .30-06 caliber parts sets. These kits are excellent for building ‘Dummy Guns’ as some parts are Grade 2 and some small parts may be missing like the front sight ,  barrel is demilled with holes drilled into the barrel and carrying handle has wood missing. Receiver is cut to BATF specs . Kit comes with the bipod and magazine. ( check your local laws on high capacity mags. In your area). On the whole, it is a good kit for building a non firing replica

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