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Mauser 98/48 Barrel, Original, Mint Bore

Price: $150.00
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Item Number: MSR660
30 years ago we bought 6,000 K98/48 stock assemblies and 4,000 barrels. Stock sets are long gone, but we just found in the warehouse a crate of beautiful large ring K98/48 Barrels with front and rear sight assemblies. We brought these out of Germany a good 30 years ago or so and they went to sleep in the warehouse in the hustle & bustle of our busy operations. Lost and now found, we can offer these barrels that have ‘mint’ bores and no markings on the outside! The K98/48 is a genuine WW2 Mauser that the Serbs rebuilt at the end of the war. For some reason, the Serbs took ½" off the front of the barrel. These barrels screw right onto a ‘98’ receiver or your Serbian 98/48 K98 Mauser. The fantastic news is that these are original 98/48 barrels with mint bores. I expect this will never be seen again!..... imagine finding mint bores in this day and age, 70+ years after their manufacture! While they last!

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