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Mauser 20 Round Trench Magazine

Price: $49.95
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Item Number: MSR167

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During the trench warfare of WWI, the Germans developed these magazines to increase the firepower of their 98 Mausers. Easily installed in any GEW 98 rifle by merely removing the floorplate from the rifle's triggerguard, and replacing it with the trench magazine. Original trench magazines are very rare and valuable. We now have this quality reproduction indentical to the original right down to the proof marks! Will also work in 98K, KAR 98a, VZ24, and most M98 style Mauser rifles. Blued steel, complete with follower, spring and follower retainer with chain.

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Trench Mag
Andres Obret (Orlando, FL) 3/6/2015 12:22 AM
I found the issue that bug the trench mag. the follower of the trench mag, the first two spring and the follower have to exactly in the same possition as the one that you took out (five round).if you do that, the trench mag will work everytime, with no issues.Remember the first 2 spring have to be bend in the same way as the one you took out.
Poor function
Alex Suess (Hendersonville, NC) 9/26/2014 4:00 PM
I give it three stars because overall quality is good. Nice box. Good finish. Fit good with minimal alteration. However as far as function goes if you like to tinker this is the mag for you. If you want something that works right out the package I would save your-self and Sarco the headache of a return. It looks to me one of the chief problem is the shape of the walls of the magazine on the inside. It does not have the taper the box on the trigger guard has rather than the rectangle shape that allows the follower to have way to much space that easily causes the follower to tilt. Needs further engineering as far as the spring and follower.
Mauser 20rd Magazine
Tyler Ramsey (Killen, AL) 1/5/2012 1:46 AM
The magazine itself was built extremely well and sturdy just like an original one from WWI. The item was shipped very fast also. I installed it and tested it in two different Vz24's and fit both rifles. However, after taking it to the range I found that it would not actually cycle rounds properly. Almost every round had a failure to feed while working the bolt. I don't think it's the magazine, I think it's just the design itself. I think the Germans in WWI had a lot of issues with this magazine which is why they didn't produce very many of them. Sarco refunded my money, so over all I'm very happy with the service, but the item just didn't work out for me.
mauser trench mag
Matt Bachar (Hays, KS) 2/11/2011 11:07 AM
Worth every penny. Very heavy and built right. Thanks Sarco!
George W. Kemp (Centre, AL) 1/14/2011 7:22 AM
Very nicely built. Intimidation factor very high. Gets alot of comments mounted on a rifle on the wall. I have not loaded it to function test but as a conversation piece it was worth the money for my collection.
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