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Mauser 98 Tack Driver Heavy Barrels

Price: $79.95
Out Of Stock - Some Items Can Be Backordered. Call To Find Out If This Is One.
Item Number: MSR553
We took some of our fabulous Swedish 8mm heavy barrels blanks – had them threaded for 98 Mauser actions. These have a nice heavy profile and are 1 3/16" at chamber and 15/16" at muzzle. Length is 22 3/8". Our barrel maker commented “I would be proud if I made a barrel of this fine quality” – These are fully chambered but of course still need to be headspaced by a competent gunsmith.

PLEASE NOTE: These barrels have a slightly deep chamber for a reason. If you have a shallow chamber, you will need to use a chambering reamer to adjust headspace. With this method you can adjust head space by turning back the shoulder and breech a bit to accommodate the headspace dimension. This also solves any variance from the chambering reamers pilot and the throat dimension in the reamer. No need to buy a chambering reamer.

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Had to comment after build
kenneth hill (orting, WA) 12/6/2018 12:02 AM
built rifle with Belgium comm 98 action with this barrel and a Radom polish ww2 stock inletted and glass bedded. using a 10x fixed scope and POM 196gr target ammo. at 100 yds. had .6 inch group and at 200 yds. .7
Replace your VZ24 rotten barrel with one of these!
Philip Ruggiero (Erie, PA) 12/18/2017 12:31 PM
Vz 24 I bought with my c&r had a terrible rotten barrel. Could not shoot it, even though I went to the trouble to restore it to as issued appearance. Came in 7mm, but I could not find a decent barrel. Saw this heavy barrel in 8mm, said "what the heck", and bought one. I am a Master machinist, (retired), And have a small machine shop in my garage. Built a barrel vise and receiver wrench, worked very well to remove old barrel, and install new barrel. Made my own go/no go gauges, and an adjustable chamber gauge that allowed me to tune the chamber to just over minimum. Had to dog bone the barrel just in front of receiver to accept a scope mount and to be able to fit the barrel vise I made for .983" diameter. After measuring with my adjustable gauge, I determined that .0115" needed faced of both the shoulder and face of the barrel. Reinstalled the barrel to proper torque, Go and no go gauges fit with just a slight drag on go. Using military surplus ammo and a 2 1/2 power shotgun scope, I dialed it in to 100 yards with a 1" group result. Excellent n my opinion. I put this rig in a Champion stock made for shorter barrels, but had to clear the barrel bed. When I put a better scope and maybe a good trigger on this thing, I believe it to have good potential. The quality of this barrel is super, and looks good, a bit heavy, but shoots well on a bipod. I am pleased.
It's a Shooter
Kenneth MacDonald (Duncanville, TX) 9/11/2017 4:25 PM
I purchased one of these barrels for my German made 1942 Mauser k98. I found out from Sarco that the barrels were re-chambered to 8x57mm from 8x63mm Swedish blanks. I did some research on the 8x63mm Swedish and found out that they were mainly used for machine guns, but were also chambered for a limited number of rifles. These barrels appear to have been originally intended for machine guns, I believe Brownings. The muzzle end is bulged at 24mm (.945) diameter and the receiver end is 28.5mm (1.122) diameter, not the 1 3/16 (1.187) as listed, basically the same as military barrel (1.114). It has a nice blue finish on barrel. I assume it is made from a good grade alloy steel but is not case hardened and easily machined. The barrel twist is right at 1 turn in 11” (measured with twist plug). Very little machining required to fit barrel and achieve correct head space. The barrel's chamber had a short free bore, so if loading own ammo, the bullets may require deeper setting in case to prevent bullets from being forced into rifle lands. However, I was able to chamber a commercial 220 grain round nose load. The rifling is perfect with groove diameter is .323 and lands diameter of .311. I do not intent to over simplify fitting the barrel to my receiver. I am a skilled machinist so I had no problems. It is not a pipe wrench and bench vise job. Special tooling is required that I was able to make. Consulting first with a gunsmith would be wise. At the range, the rifle shot better than 3/4 groups at 100 yards, using 175gr Sierra Pro-Hunter bullets and Hodgdon's CFE-223 and IMR 4064 powders. My friends were really inpressed. Couldn't be more pleased.
great deal, but
kenneth hill (orting, WA) 7/26/2017 12:45 AM
threads not cleaned had 4 - 5 tiny barbs on threads. and would have preferred a short chamber as 35.00 to rent a finishing reamer vs 125.00 for lathe work. would recommend it to my friends.
Graham Hill (Whitney, TX) 10/29/2016 9:47 PM
Ordered for fun, with Outlook of future build. Barrel came in, and in awesome condition. Needless to say the barrel sat for 3 days before I caved, and installed it on a 1908 brazilian. The bore is flawless, strong rifling, clean chamber. I had to trim .015 off the face, and push the thread relief back. But very impressed for what I spent. Would strongly suggest one. Waiting for my parker hale stock to arrive, so I can go to the range! Hope to get it ready for deer season.
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