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BM59 New ITAL Barrels

Price: $229.95
Currently Available
Item Number: BM59031

Lucky us! One of our barrel makers was extremely nice to us and immediately began a barrel project and will provide us with premium quality Model BM59 ITAL .308 barrels. We suggest you order your barrel now for shipment when they arrive here as we are certain that they will be sold out as soon as they arrive. We had originally planned to modify the barrel for a special easy to adapt barrel band which is advertised in issue 14 at a lower price, but we have decided to have the barrel made exactly the same as the original barrel because, for you to buy the special barrel band would cost $35 alone!  We will sell you the barrel which works with the original barrel band at $229.95 each, which is far cheaper than found elsewhere on the market.  

Our barrels are original BM59 configuration for our ITAL kits ONLY. They will not fit the BM59E kits. If you wish to use the original band you can easily modify the barrel.

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