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NGO Contractor Uniforms - ATAFREX

(From several security operations that have remained ‘under the radar’ in Africa and the Near East, Sarco has obtained contracted
 overrun stock of uniforms) 

Modified from the original Grass pattern / Rhodesian pattern camouflage, this pattern is improved and more durable than the old grass pattern uniforms and the garments themselves have contemporary improvements in line with the modern day operator. This is also referred to as the 2nd pattern Kamabee Keep manufactured camouflage not previously released to the public. This pattern is well respected for its ability to compete equally against digital patterns in deciduous and scrub forests. This is close to the pattern that won the competition in the 1980s when the USMC looked to adopt the Grass pattern over the Woodland pattern. Political correctness affected the outcome so we could not wear the ‘Rhodesian’ grass pattern. 

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Rhino Pack
Price: $49.95
Rhino Pack
Short Range Patrol Utility Pack
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