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Official Gazette, US Patent Office

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U.S. Patent Books From the 1920s and Beyond!   (Original volumes, not reproductions!)

Really fabulous old books with schematics and detailed ‘draftsmen’ created illustrations of inventions, gizmos , and eccentric paraphernalia !  By looking through these hardbound Government Patent books, you might learn to build a better mouse trap, reloading machine, alcohol ‘still’, or machine that brings peace to the world. Besides the scientific and bureaucratic detailing and registration of these inventions and patent markings, these pages full of illustrations are wonderful for making decorative house or office furnishings by wallpapering with the pages… and our favorite, applying the pages to tables and counters and applying coats of polyurethane !  A terrific means to add  classic antique charm to your ‘man cave’, den, bar, or office. Books are old, with some blemishes, but are generally intact and are voluminous with  over 1,000 pages per book. These are original, first editions and are extremely hard to find on the market.  We have a very limited supply and at a very friendly price as long as our supply lasts.  Our pick of  published year.

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