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Panzerfaust 60 Rocket

Price: $75.00
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Item Number: RL003
Full size, steel, reproduction German WWII Panzerfaust 60, inert rocket. Not a cheap imitation, but externally ,made like the original with hardened fins that close and pop into place like the real rocket that was the bane of Allied tankers!

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sturdy - perfect dimensions
Richard Galli (Bozeman, MT) 10/18/2017 5:10 PM
I am building a replica Panzerfaust 30 m. "gross" like the Finnish Army used in WW2 1944 [& of course the Wehrmacht] First it is sturdy, heavy gauge metal. It is also exact dimensions for a Panzerfaust 60m, using a 50mm tube. [the 30m used a 44mm tube but close enough] Look at for a 1.76" ID 2" OD with .12" or 3mm walls - seamless steel tube for about $35. I looked at an actual museum Panzerfaust & these dimensions are excellent. The tail end dimension is 1.68" but the main body is 1.72"which will slide in easily, held tight by the fins, which are flexible but strong spring steel, and will hold it in tight. The nose comes off, so I will find some resin to make a dummy shape charge AND the body screws off so you can make a dummy "fuse & booster" to put inside. The green color is? I am making the tan colored one. GOOD LUCK!
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