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Panzerfaust Klein Trigger Sight

Price: $39.95
Currently Available
Item Number: MISC735
Sarco has a small number of properly contoured steel Panzerfaust Trigger Sights for the Panzerfaust Klein (early model). The ‘Klein’ model can even be cocked and clicked! Perfect for making realistic replica launchers! Very Limited.

We also have trigger sights for the Panzerfaust 60 Model, late model (#MISC518)

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Klein trigger & sight
Richard Galli (Bozeman, MT) 8/6/2018 11:53 PM
the "trigger" mechanism is what I was looking for, as it is identical to the one on the larger later model - Panzerfaust 30 (gross). It is very sturdy, & functions well, not the three position but a single clicking 'trigger' button and bolt. I tapped the bolt hand from equal lengths on each side to one longer side, like the originals - easy to do. There is no 'firing primer clip' but easy to make. The Panzerfaust 30 sight, is a lot of work, but not impossible. Used a piece of square tubing, cit down. The 'hourglass' 30 meter sight... use the klein's sight as a pattern. The body tube is a bit high, about an 1/8th of an inch too much, but still looks good. This I would say is its only shortcoming. Good luck on the sight, but when finished, looks great! I used JB to 'weld' it on to the main body tube, if it looks a bit sloppy... the originals were as well. The stencils are available on Ebay.
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