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Para Ordnance PXT Extractor Sleeve

Price: $9.95
Currently Available
Item Number: PARA308
This sleeve allows you to use a standard 1911 extractor in Para Ordnance slides that were originally equipped with the PXT extractor. Installation should be performed by a qualified gunsmith. Unload firearm before any work begins. Remove and disassemble slide. Fully clean sleeve and extractor hole in slide. Failure to remove all grease and oil will prevent Loctite from securing the sleeve. Trial fit sleeve in slide with extractor to make sure sleeve does not protrude past the breech face. You may need to trim to fit your slide correctly. It is OK if it is slightly below the surface. Sleeve is designed to work with series 70 type slides and will need to be modified to work with series 80 slides.  After you are satisfied with the fit, install sleeve into slide with red Loctite. You may now use any standard type 1911 extractor in your slide.

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