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Para Ordnance Slides

We are very excited about our recent purchase from Para Ordnance. We bought over 125 variations of slides.  These include standard models, discontinued models, overruns, and custom variations.  This is a perfect opportunity to get a replacement slide for your Para gun or add a conversion kit to your Para or other gun, or build that special gun on a 1911 frame. You may also change pistol length or calibers. We have many options that will also let you upgrade your sights. Do to the fantastic deal we got we can offer these at outstanding bargain pricing. These are not rejects or returns; it is remaining inventory from the change over from Para Ordnance to Para USA, virtually all slides are new unused from old stock, however some slides are take-offs but still in excellent plus condition.

Build your own 3”, 3 ½” or 4” hi cap “snubby”. I think this is the only 3” slide on the market. We offer a completely finished new slide and one of our wide body frame castings in steel or aluminum for as little as $150.00, way less than the regular price on the slide alone.

NOTE ON PARA SLIDES :  9mm, 40 S&W, & .38 Super slides are interchangeable. They all use the same breech face.

MINI and MICRO 1911 Pistols have been all the rage lately. We have seen this to be true in the sales of our 3" and 4" single action slides and slide kits.



All our Para slides are cut for the series 80 type firing pin interlock. Complete slides are built with series 80 parts and a Para/Clark ramped barrel that will fit in 1911 frames that are modified for ramped match barrels.  You can build these up to work in standard U.S. G.I. 1911 type (series 70) pistols if you wish,  However doing so disables the safety features of the series 80


Stripped single action slides will work on any standard series 70 or 80, 1911 frame (series 70 is the standard 1911) when built with the appropriate parts.


The Para LDA is a double action slide that will work only on Para LDA frames. You can however cut the disconnector scallop in and use the slide on any standard series 70 or 80 1911 frame.


The 6” and 5” slides use standard 1911 recoil spring plugs and barrel bushing. The 4.25 inch 

slides use Commander type recoil parts. The 3” & 3.5” slides use a unique recoil mechanism that 

is available commercially.


There are 2 variations of extractors used on these Para slides. The first is the standard type which uses any standard .45 extractor. The second is a PXT type. On this style the forward part of the extractor support rib is slightly larger in diameter. We have read that people have used G.I. extractors as they are the same diameter in the back. PXT extractors or adapter bushings are available from other sources. We will also soon have these available.






1) Standard post type mounting

2) Simple dovetail .250 x 20 deg



1) Standard G.I. type dovetail

2) Para cut similar but the dovetail is not exactly the same as Nolin. The dovetail is .375” x 30 deg

3) LPA style cut for the adj rear sight
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