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PPK Police Holster West German

Price: $14.95
Out Of Stock - Some Items Can Be Backordered. Call To Find Out If This Is One.
Item Number: HOL125
Well made right hand draw undercover holster nicely form fit and curved. Made for the PPK and similar sized pistols. Medium brown color. Used, but in very good condition. Leather ‘Pancake style’. 

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Very well made
Will (Virginia ) 4/18/2016 11:11 PM
I had the opportunity to stop by the store and hand pick my holster. They all show signs of use but are in good condition. The good news is that these holsters fit my Bersa Thunder 380 and my Makarov perfectly. Unfortunately my CZ82 did not fit. I highly recommend these holsters to anyone who has a PPK Bersa or Makarov.
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